Monday, January 24, 2011

Burberry Rosewood 09 Sheer Eye Shadow

I was looking to add a few colors to my small Burberry eye shadow collection. The SA at my local Nordstrom had the right idea- she first asked about the colors I already have and continued from there, showing me how the  color she suggested work with them.

Rosewood 09 was one suggestion. I previously avoided it, thinking it would be too pink (hence rabbit eyes). Upon application, though, it was a perfect neutral and created one of my favorite almost naked looks together with Burberry Porcelain 03 and Antique Rose 10 (photos and review of the latter coming soon). She also showed me a lighter variation mixing in some Pearl White 01.

Burberry Rosewood 09 is a little hard to describe (isn't it always the case with the best shades?). It's a rosy mauve brownish sneaky thing, surprisingly close to the natural color of my lid and crease, only nicer. Like all Burberry eye shadows I've tested so far, the texture is sublime- smooth like the most delicate fabric, has a delicate sheen/glow with no shiny particles, easy to apply and blend- it's everything one could want.

After playing and testing most of the Burberry Sheer Eye collection, it's safe to say that the best ones for olive skin and darker skin tones are the neutrals. I love looking at the various blue and purple ones, but despite my love for blue eye shadow, these are not the right ones for me. I suspect they'd be stunning on paler complexions.

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows ($29) and the rest of the line are a Nordstrom exclusive. Available online and from select locations.

All photos are mine.


  1. This is one of my favorite taupe shadows. I think everyone should own this color. It's a perfect "go-to" color! Great review, as always.

  2. Looks very fetching, I have to admit! Do you think it would show up on a NC20 skin though? I have as many warm as cool undertones it seems (blessing or curse in disguise?) which tilts the scales. Many neutrals seem to vanish somehow (some Bobbi Brown ones for instance, a couple Diors).

  3. Thanks, Elvira!
    Funny how I don't really consider Rosewood a true taupe- it's a little warm for that when I wear it. But it is perfect.

  4. Elena, I'm more around NC30-35 (though not quite, I have a very weird complexion) and my eyelids are even darker. All the Burberry colors I've tried show up. I do know what you mean about Bobbi Brown- most of her light base colors are completely transparent on me, and the same was true for some of the older Diors, though not the new shiny ones. Some Chanel eye shadows (especially from the quads) also disappear on me.
    Burberry is most likely worth your time. I have a feeling you'd enjoy the classic and classy look.

  5. Thank you very much for the feedback Gaia, much appreciated! (*on to hunt for Burberry makeup, said with an evil grin*)


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