Friday, January 07, 2011

Paula Dorf Eye Contour Brush

Some of you might remember I've been trying to replace an old (and discontinued) angled contour eye brush for a while now. The perfect one is yet to emerge, but I've gotten pretty close with Paula Dorf Eye Contour brush. Actually, Paula Dorf's brush is probably better than my tattered Sephora one- it's softer, the hair is of great quality and it's the perfect size for the job- contouring, defining, fitting in the crease.

This Paula Dorf Eye Contour Brush is on the short and dainty size (like my old Sephora). The hairs aren't as dense as I might have liked for perfect detailed contouring, but it still performs well. I probably should reach for it more often than I do, but there's something about it that's not quite as satisfying as I'd like. I know I'm picky and this is a great brush, but I guess all the quality time I've been spending with my Edward Bess eye brush has made me expect the world. I want a heavier brush with a heftier handle- sort of like a power tool, I guess, only girly and glamorous.

I guess that's my (not really justified) issue with this Paula Dorf brush. It's a great replacement for my deceased brush, it performs well enough, but it's not a power tool.

Bottom Line, to quote Sarah McLachlan: I know I could love you much better than this.

Paula Dorf Eye Contour Brush ($28) is available from

All photos by me.


  1. You ladies who have "in person" access to Edward really must prevail upon him to create more brushes. I have both his face and eye brush and would not trade them for the world. Oh, how I'd love an eye contour brush!

  2. it might be worth checking out the short handled version of the Laura Mercier angled eye colour brush, provided it's not too big for what you're looking for.


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