Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Serge Lutens- Boxeuses

Wearing Boxeuses, the newest non-export perfume by Serge Lutens, is a real trip, in the best possible way. It has a lot going on there- gourmand notes of the familiar Lutens/Sheldrake variety- candied plums, sweet anise cookies, together with animalic notes reminiscent of MKK and the best part- leather, leather, leather.

Boxeuses means female boxers, of the punching kind, not the velvet wrinkle faced doggies. Does Uncle Serge has a thing for women in shorts and bare midriffs? Has he been sniffing boxing gloves? Who knows. To me it's the leather note that takes me for a spin. A vintage car, leather seats, stopping at the gas station and smelling gasoline and the hot tar of the road, the seats are soaking up the sun as is one's skin, and it's all so sweet and sexy.

I'm in a little bit of an "anywhere but here" mood, so the road trip fantasy is very appealing right now, along with the hints of childhood memories of summers in the car, licorice and plum cakes. Boxeuses is both arousing and comforting, and is just a terrific perfume, reminding us exactly why Serge Lutens is among the greatest perfume visionaries of our time.

Of course, Uncle Serge is all about being artistic, cryptic and French, so he doesn't want our filthy American money. Boxeuses (120 euro, 75ml) is one of Lutens non-exports and only available from the Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido in Paris (if you live in select European countries you can order online or by phone). Thankfully, The Posh Peasant and The Perfumes Court sell samples and decants and are eager to have our business. Imagine that.

Photo by Reinfreid Marass


  1. I haven't tried this one...yet. It sounds like something I'd like. I like a dried fruit gourmand. And leather. Really all of these notes sounds wonderful.
    I laugh because now I think of the scent name as female boxer (dog) pups :)

  2. You know, I feel very lucky because even though I live in Europe, Croatia is not part of the EU so no delivery from SL. But (this is the lucky part) a friend was in Paris for New Year's and she brought back a bottle I kindly asked her to! Yeey! :)
    Btw, being so lucky, I don't mind sharing, I don't know how much you have and if you'd want a bit more.

  3. Does anyone have any advice for packing a Serge Lutens bell jar to bring back to the states? The last time I bought one, I carried it but now the regulations won't let me bring this much liquid on board. Are they sealed well enough to pack? Any advice appreciated...

  4. I am so totally intrigued! Not only do I (kick)box, but I have a very wrinkly faced Boxer (Ruby), not to mention this sounds like a really great fragrance.

    This frag might be my fate!


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