Friday, August 12, 2011

Becca Alina Sheer Lip Tint

Here's a review that writes itself. Actually, I think the photos do the work. Becca Sheer Lip Tint in Alina is a beautiful warm red. On someone with very pale lips it might pull more orange, but my lips are naturally dark so Alina's sheerness makes it a perfect red.

The texture of Becca Sheer Lip Tint lipsticks is very hydrating, but the finish isn't too glossy and slip is low-average. This Becca lipstick has a good lasting power for a sheer product and it leaves some stain after a drink or a snack, though I can't vouch for the pale colors in the line.

Bottom Line: a purse staple.

Becca Sheer Lip Tint ($24) can be found at Henri Bendel and select stores (even some Duane Reade locations in NYC) or from


  1. A red lipstick is never wrong, I hope it looks good on the lips. I like it when they're sheer, because then you can apply the lipstick in layers for different effects!

  2. Oh, no, why do I look? No sooner do I get away, they pull me back in!!

    A few people recommended this color to me as one they thought I'd like. i never caved because I'd not seen it swatched, but now I have no excuses. Well ... I once had an office mate named Alina who was a bit of a pain.

  3. I've been reading each of your lip tint reviews, looking particularly for a warm bright red one -Have you decided which sheer lip tint you like best of all the brands you've tried ?

  4. I have heard so much about Becca's products and this might be the lipstick that will get me to finally give it a try.

    Thanks for the swatch and review


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