Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lorac Color Me Couture Eye Shadow Palette

Lorac Color Me Couture Eye Shadow Palette was designed for evening glamour. It shines, sparkles and glitters from the inside out, and that's actually the one big issue with this set. The black and gold packaging is supposed to look like an evening clutch but if I had a little purse that shed so much glitter all over the place I would have been very unhappy. Since the Lorac Color Me Couture palette lives in a drawer I can be a little more tolerant of the issue, mostly because the actual eye shadows are great for the most part.

Lorac Color Me Couture Eye Shadow Palette includes five shades:
- Enlighten (ivory pearl)
- Style (gold pearl)
- Luxe (medium bronze pearl)
- Jade (olive green with gold pearl)
- Designer (black with gold glitter)

Style and Luxe are obviously quite warm while the other colors lean neutral. Like all Lorac eye shadows, there's no shortage of pigment and you need nothing but a light hand and a soft brush to lay down the color and blend it. A primer would also help to keep the pretty shimmery finish going all day (or night). The one eye shadow in the palette that doesn't live to expectations (or to Lorac's usual high standards) is Designer, the glittery black that you're supposed to use as a liner. The texture is gritty and far less smooth than the others, and no matter how I apply it and what I use (water, sealing gel), the glitter (which is not my favorite thing in the first place) falls over the place and migrates unattractively. I've given up on this shadow a while ago in favor of liquid or pencil eyeliners that are smoother and don't get into my eyes (Shiseido, Sisley, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Makeup For Ever).

Bottom Line: it's ok, but I prefer my other Lorac palettes (Snake Charmer, Croc, Red Carper Reveal)

Lorac Color Me Couture Eye Shadow Palette ($37) is available from Ulta and Sephora (despite the claim on Sephora's site, it's not exclusive to them) online and in stores.


  1. I haven't tried Lorac yet, but am quite blown away by the pigmentation and pretty colours! Will have to check out the other Lorac palettes you've recommended too.

  2. I think Lorac is an underrated line, so I was delighted to see your review. I met Carol and she introduced me to wearing lilac shadow with my hazel eye color.

    I have this palate and agree with you on Designer. It's a glitter explosion. Otherwise, I love it.


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