Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paula Dorf Blender Brush

Most blending brushes are narrower and elongated, making them more directional than Paula Dorf's Blender Brush. This Paula Dorf tool is fairly large- you can see that it's even wider than Bobbi Brown's Eye Sweep that was designed to apply base color all over the lid and crease. As a result, unlike many blending brushes, this one will definitely not fit in the crease and is probably not suited for those with limited lid space.

However, if you're looking for a brush that can diffuse color in one stroke, not push color around and will not mess whatever you did prior to blending, the Paula Dorf Blender is an excellent option. I also use it to add a light color all over and sheer out my application if I think I overdid it. The brush's size and fluffiness also allows for cleanup under the eye and highlighting (though I admit I haven't been using it for this purpose since Hakuhodo brush appeared in my life).

Paula Dorf Blender brush is made of natural hair (I'd guess goat), it's soft and just dense enough to hold its shape and perform relentlessly.

Bottom Line: An old reliable.

Paula Dorf Blender Brush ($30) is available at Henri Bendel in NYC and dermstore.com.


  1. I never realized how useful it was to have really good brushes for makeup until I began following your blog and reading the reviews. I'm learning so much about makeup application through you. And even though I can't afford to buy too many of the best ones, I now have a better idea of how brushes are constructed and how they are used. Thanks very much!

  2. Hi! I hope you will include at some point in your great book of brushes how you wash, care for and store them. I'm going to replace and upgrade a few of mine and I want to take good care of them when I do.

    Also, do you have an opinion on the Laura Mercier fan brush that is supposed to be used with their Universal powder? I have the powder but am reluctant to buy a brush with only one use.


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