Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Suqqu 03 Jet Bordeaux Eyeliner Creamy

I'm looking at my little pot of Suqqu Jet Bordeaux (03) Eyeliner Creamy, the one I've been using often for the last six months and trying to decide what color exactly it is. It's not exactly brown and not really black; it has a sheen but no shimmery particles- what is Jet Bordeaux?

London Makeup Girl called it " a soft black with subtle red/purple shimmer", so I'll go with that, though those of us who avoid red-based eye makeup have nothing to fear. This is not one of those colors.

Suqqu is a luxury Japanese cosmetics brand that is not available in the US (or most of Europe) unless you order online from one of the website that specialize in supplying this crack to the addicts. Everything I've tried from them so far has left me in love and frustrated. If Selfridges has a counter, why can't Bergdorf or Henri Bendel?

Suqqu's Creamy Eyeliner is no exception. It is creamy, works pretty much like a gel- easy to apply and control, stays on forever. One of the nice things about Suqqu's eyeliner is that it comes with a high quality mini retractable brush, so you can carry it with you and the brush doesn't get grimy and grungy.

Bottom Line: yes, please.

Suqqu 03 Jet Bordeaux Eyeliner Creamy ¥4850 JPY on or $37.39 from (ships from the UK).


  1. Ruh roh. Are you going to start reviewing Suqqu brushes? Because if you are, I'll need to refill my valium. Or Antibus! I do NOT need to lust after those kitten-paw brushes, oh no. I even have a London source willing to CP, so sound the trumpets so I can stay away from your blog. ;)

  2. *plugs ears and sings* lalalalala I can't hear anything you're saying about Suqqu...

    Why oh why did you have to review this!

    Off to find...

    And I've been trying so hard to ignore them, which was always relatively easy since they weren't very accessible.

    Very happy it works well for you, reds that don't make me look hungover or vampire-ish are tough. How's the lasting power?

  3. Saw you said how well it lasts, damn. It really is a beautiful shade.

  4. I Luurve Suqqu. It is so frustrating that Suqqu products have a high markup on the internet :-( Sydney needs a Suqqu counter as well!

  5. Wow I am in love with how this liner looks! I agree with Zuzu and Sophia1105. I do not need another expensive, inaccessible lemming on my hands!

  6. The color looks exactly like a black pen (regular, writing pen) when it is used thickly to color something in. It looks black, but it has this really pretty tinge when the light hits it.


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