Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DSH Perfumes- Seven

Seven is not just the Seinfeldian middle name of David and Victoria Beckham's baby daughter. It's also a masculine perfume by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes. Seven was labeled by the perfumer as "Soulful. Meditative. Seductive". I'll take that and add: smells like a million dollar.

One must love bay leaf in order to enjoy Seven's opening. It's intensely spicy before things settle into a dry and quiet dark green: herbal and tinged with tree bark. Seven has a dream-like quality, it's calm, flawing and doesn't make sudden moves. I enjoy both the cool and zingy aroma of fresh herbs and the deeper warm dry-down. Interestingly, despite all the outdoorsy imagery I often feel that Seven has a tweed-like character. Or maybe a gentleman in tweed goes walking in a dark wood...

Judging from the mystical number in the name and the way Seven aims towards treetops, this is just as much an incense-in-a-temple kind of perfume. But those who lean more urban and dressy shouldn't hesitate to try this DSH perfume. It's as civilized and polished as one could want and has no raw or jagged edges to suggest you're wearing anything other than a well-crafted scent.

I understand why this blend is considered manly and would adore a man who wears it, be it to the office or on a date; however, I love the way it smells on my own skin just as much. DSH created it as a meditative perfume, and I agree- it is centering and helps me take the day away and fall asleep with better, nicer thoughts. I think Seven would also make for a dreamy bubble bath- just imagine the relaxation!

Top notes: bergamot, basil, laurel leaf, lime peel, petit grain and pink grapefruit. Heart: geranium, marjoram, sage, sandalwood and spruce. Base: vetiver, patchouli, incense, musk and treemoss.

Seven by DSH Perfumes ($80, 1 oz EDP, other sizes and samples also available) can be purchased from dshperfumes.com.

Fashion photograph by Tejal Patni, 2011

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