Friday, August 19, 2011

Louise Young LY38 Eye Shadow Brush

Yesterday we talked about two of my favorite crease brushes, Hakuhodo S146 and S146. Long, tapered and very soft, these type of brush is wonderful for creating a perfect crease and blending it all together. I was amused (though not surprised)  to find out from the comments that I'm not the only with a weakness for this shape and function. There's something about crease brushes that makes one feel she knows what she's doing when using them.

Louise Young LY38 Eye Shadow Brush is right in the middle between the S142 and S146- it's not as narrow as the S146, so it can blend larger areas a bit better, while still small enough not to get all over the place when you'd rather be more precise.

Louise Young LY38 is very soft though not quite as breathtakingly so as the Hakuhodo ones. It's densely packed but retains the needed fluffiness and feels good on skin and in the hand. It lost a couple of hairs the first time I washed it but none in the months since then, so I'm very happy with the quality.

All Louise Young brushes are beautiful with their well-proportioned elegant brown handles made of Forest Stewardship Commission protected kiln dried birch or beech. The LY38 features natural hair (no further details about type, though) and is hand crafted.

Bottom Line: nicely rounds up my crease brush collection.

Louise Young LY38 Eye Shadow Brush (£17.00) is available from They ship internationally. This brush sells out regularly but Louise Young seems to restock is pretty quickly.


  1. i love this brush - use it everyday! Oh and I got the laura mercier finishing in the end!

  2. I have the LY38 and lust after the two Hakuhodo brushes. The MAC 226 is a pretenders to these beauties!


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