Monday, August 01, 2011

Spotlight On A B/Vlogger- The RaeViewer

Rae of The RaeView is the proof there's life and good taste on YouTube beyond Lisa Eldridge. Furthermore, this talented 22 years old woman also reminds us that age is not necessarily a factor when it comes to makeup techniques and understating of quality and style. Her reviews are thorough and precise, and makeup tutorials are pretty, wearable and practical.

Rae is a very beautiful woman and it certainly increases her appeal, but as far as I'm concerned, a vlogger who doesn't make me want to pelt her with a thesaurus, a dictionary and a grammar guide is priceless. The YouTube beauty community is a very different universe from what established old school bloggers are used to. It's full of social interactions that would have me not just cranky but also a true homicidal misanthrope. Rae deals with it with a level of grace I can't hope to find even when I'm twice my current age.

And she gives some really good advice.

Here's Rae's review of some Le Metier de Beaute products and a tutorial of using the Splendid Frost Kaleidoscope. There's a lot more on her blog and in her YouTube channel.

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  1. A well-deserved mention on an equally notable blog =)

    Love both of your contributions to the beauty community!!

  2. i love rae!
    she and the sublime agent are some of my favourite youtubers next to pixiwoo and lisa eldridge!

  3. Thanks for sharing this:) Wow, she really stands out from the others that I've seen. She knows alot for being so young.

  4. Oh my- homicidal misanthrope. I know exactly what you mean. Rae sounds like a breath of fresh beauty air :)

  5. You're right, she's absolutely lovely. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. I happen to love Rae too, she is gracious and her reviews are honest and well presented. I find it rather funny that you mention wishing you could pelt other bloggers with "a thesaurus, a dictionary and a grammar guide," because when I first started reading this blog I actually questioned if English was your first language. As an English major and a former editor, I frequently feel an intense desire to take a red pen to this blog. So, please do restrain yourself from tossing said items at others. Hold onto your thesaurus, dictionary and a grammar guide... you need them. I read this blog purely because I adore unique perfumes, and so few people spend a signigicant ammound of time reviewing them. That being said, I am regularly floored by how snotty and dripping with disdain your reviews tend to be. It seems like you try to present yourself as sophisticated and discerning, but you aren't pulling it off. Your opinions are so banal and affected. They don't sound sophisticated, they sound catty, elitist and, at times, down right mean. Heaven forbid anyone like any of the terrible dross that is mass marketed to the general public, oh that would just be so awful. Can't we love both department store mass market items AND unique olfactory treasures for the very different things they bring to the table? I would look at thyself before making sweeping statements about the quality of content presented by the hard working vloggers out there who might not be "polished," but still have something of value to say.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    I happened to be doing a search on Rae and came across Gaia's post. Naturally, I read it. I think Gaia is one of the most talented beauty bloggers on earth, and I love reading her opinions.

    May I point out that there's a typo in your comment? Before you level charges of "English as a second language," you should be able to declare your own writing to be error-free. I would expect nothing less of an English major and editor.

    As for the invective you spewed in your comment, I wonder why you felt compelled to say such nasty things. Did it make you feel good? If so, you are in serious need of therapy.

    Blogs are based on personal opinions. Gaia has a right to her opinions and to express them however she chooses. This is not a newspaper. You have a right to stop reading her blog. Did someone force you? Were you having a bad day?

    Or, are you a competitor who is jealous of her success? Clearly, from her readership numbers, which are public, a lot of people enjoy The Non-Blonde and have been doing so for years.

    Since you chose to sign your comment anonymous, I must conclude that you are one of the cowards who hides behind Internet anonymity to say things that shouldn't be said in polite company. I have already concluded, as is my right, that you are a troll who shops at discount stores and is jealous of anyone who can afford more than you can. Whatever, please spare the rest of us. Express your ugliness in your own personal blog - or diary - and stop putting ridiculous comments online. I don't think Gaia should have published yours. The fact that she did proves that she's a better person than you.

  8. Dear Alice,

    As you already stated, one is entitled to their opinions. I am just as entitled to my own opinion, as Gaia is to hers, and you to yours. According to you, she is allowed to make judgmental comments about others, but heaven forbid someone else do the same? I am not a blogger, vlogger or competitor. I respect the high level of work and effort that goes into these blogs, and I respect ANYONE who has the courage to put their ideas and thoughts out there. If they have terrific grammar and presentation, that is fantastic, but an unpolished approach might still have value. I don't agree with much of what Gaia says, and frankly I am irked some of the time at the tone of what is being said, but I still enjoy reading her blog. Difference is the spice of life, and I believe that hearing opinions that differ from your own are a great catalyst to conversation and affords an opportunity for personal growth. I would never say she shouldn't have a right to say anything she darn well pleases and would defend that right actively, even if I have a different view. I simply wanted to state that one who points a finger should look deeply at themselves as well. I was trying to convey that one should think about what they are putting out there, and how their comments might be received by others. Perhaps I didn't go about it in the most constructive way possible, and I will concede to that.
    And you are right, of course I must only shop at discount stores if I have the audacity to declare that items available in department stores might not always be crap. As I stated in my original post, I have a mix of both ultra high end products AND department store items (and since when are more mass market department store items akin to bargain basement crap btw?). So, how dare I have the unbelievable nerve to throw on my $440 LeLabo Tubereuse 40 perfume one day, and my $80 Prada Eau Iris the next day, and still consider myself discerning. Heavens forbid!
    As to my comment being stated anonymously, I personally didn't have time to use one of the social networking platforms available below. I have no issue including my name, nor would I have a problem with saying this to anyone in person either. I love people who defend a blogger who makes catty comments with daggers, but when anyone says anything against that blogger suddenly freedom of speech means nothing. So go ahead and call me a "troll," or tell me how jealous I am because I obviously can't afford anything nice, or how I have no right to read something if I don't agree with it. Go ahead, skewer me for having an opinion contrary to yours. I have AMAZING respect for Gaia. The fact that she posted my comment took a great deal of courage and frankly says more about her than anything I've read on this blog, or anything you (who doesn't know her any better than I do btw.) can say. I will continue to enjoy and support her blog, even if I don't agree with what is said. We don't all have to agree. I thank her for all of the obvious effort she puts into this blog. I also thank her for being one of the few people in this world who allows someone to disagree, greater evidence of how awesome she is than your words.



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