Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Want: Dior Caprice Perforated Ballerina

It doesn't matter that on my arch-less clown feet these Dior Caprice perforated ballerina flats would be murderous (I do much better with platforms and other high heels that give me at least some insulation). I'm still in love with these Dior shoes: the details, the lace cutout pattern, the versatility... they're gorgeous. Want!

 Dior Caprice Perforated Ballerina ($690 at Bergdorf Goodman).


  1. Make that 2 wants! This season lace is dominating the runway and stores. Lace shoes, skirts, dresses, jackets.

  2. Oh those are just lovely! I look at them and then look at these wide and very indelicate appendages attached to my legs. *sigh* At least my wallet won't suffer although I may have to buy more makeup to console myself.

  3. OH MY GOD! I have been looking for these all over the internet for the past month now and finally after trying for what felt like eternity i found them on your blog!!! I saw these about a month ago in a dior store in london and i fell in love as soon as i saw them, they are right up my alley! when i tried them on they were oh so comfortable!!! like the rolls royce of ballerinas really! nevertheless i moved on with my window shopping and tried to look them up online when i got home but i couldn't find them, i really wanted to show my friends the beautiful shoes i'd spotted that day! so two weeks ago i went back to the same dior store and they were gone :( sold out, i asked the sales guy what they were called so i could try finding them online and he said they were called ' dior lace' with a snobby british accent! that's clearly not the name for them as i've discovered now fortunately! now my hunt for these shoes will begin, i really want them, they are so gorgoues! xx


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