Monday, August 08, 2011

Miranda Kerr Getting All Made Up In Australia

Beautiful Miranda Kerr having her makeup done by Napoleon Perdis and his team for David Jones Spring/Summer 2011 season launch last week in Sydney, Australia. Soft bronze eyes and very bold orange-red lips such as we've seen a lot during our summer season. Miranda, of course, can carry it off much better than us mortals.

Photos via Zimbio.


  1. She looks beautiful. I love her with the soft brown hair and her make-up is stunning. I would love to wear red lips like she can. She always seems to have something of a smile on her--in her face, in her eyes, and I find that to be very refreshing.

  2. Sophia, I know! Much more pleasant than the constant scowl on the face of most models.

  3. She's so beautiful. Not to sound mean, but I don't like most models. I don't "get" them. Maybe like you said, it's the scowl. But, Miranda is approachable and down-to-earth. I love her style, rarely slouchy like most "scowling models"; she's without the angst and looks healthy. And she's one of the reasons why I stopped dying my hair. I realized that my natural color (what I used to call boring brown) looks really good with a red lippie.


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