Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Space NK Domed Smudge Brush

I discovered the Space NK store brand brushes a couple of years ago and was highly impressed with them. Unlike too many makeup brands, the Space NK brushes seem to have been designed with actual makeup tasks in mind (I really dislike the generic "eye brush", cheek brush", etc. that seem to be reproductions of cheap tools from 20 years ago). This is why the Space NK Domed Smudge Brush joined my eye brush drawer as soon as I saw it and has since become one of my hardworking brushes.

Space NK Domed Smudge Brush is a detail brush, small enough to reach the inner corner, define the lash line or go under the lower lashes for smoking out, smudging and even cleanup. The brush is made of a synthetic and natural pony hair blend, keeping it both soft to the touch but firm and dense enough to deal with thick creamy formulas.

I don't know who makes the brush line for Space NK, but I find the quality very impressive. My smudge brush has never shed a single hair, and since I use it a lot with cream products it is frequently washed.

Bottom Line: excellent.

Space NK Domed Smudge Brush ($22) is available from Space NK stores and online.

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  1. Hi,

    How does it compare to the Burberry eye brush # 10?

    Thanks for reviewing. I have enjoyed it (as always)



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