Monday, August 08, 2011

EST Dual Emotion Eyes 02 Eye Shadow Quad

EST Dual Emotion Eyes 02 was the second eye shadow quad I ordered (you can see 01 here) in my quest to discover more amazing Japanese cosmetics. Dual Emotion Eyes 02 is warmer, so I usually pair its colors with more neutral eye shadows. It's a combination that can take you from late summer's beachy mood to fall, and add a touch of glamour as it's saturated with gold pigment.

There are three light shades in the Dual Emotion Eyes 02 quad: true gold, peach gold and pink gold, and one rich dark brown that appears cooler although it contains fine gold shimmer. The brown is the only one without a metallic finish and works well to contour the lash line. It can also serve as a base layer for any of the other shades.

The texture of all four eye shadows in this quad is soft and almost buttery. As I mentioned in my previous review, you must use a very soft (but dense) high quality brush to get the most out of this delicate consistency, and pat/pack the color on without moving it around too much. All the eye shadows I tested so far from EST are very pigmented- even the lightest ones show up well. I swatched quite lightly using nothing but my fingers (there's something addictive about dipping my hand in this texture), so what you see here is a very light coat of color.

Bottom Line: it's the beginning of a dangerous addiction.

EST Dual Emotion Eyes 01 Eye Shadow Quad (¥6900 JPY) is available from (shipping worldwide. I get my orders in 7-10 days).


  1. I have this one too, and I just ordered the 03 one. It is so true to say "it's the beginning of a dangerous addiction", nonetheless, est just released their newest collection on 6th, which is stunning!

  2. That is gorgeous! This shades of gold fan wants!

  3. That's a beautiful quad. I love warm toned shades, especially golds.

    Thank you for sharing it!

  4. Caroline, I love the kitty in your avatar. While I'm underwhelmed with too many of the fall collections I see in our department stores, I hope to find more to love from the Asian brands.

  5. CG, I had a feeling you're going to like this one.

  6. Nazia, have a look at the other quad they offer. You'll probably adore several of them.


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