Sunday, August 14, 2011

L'Artisan Parfumeur- Tea For Two

Years ago when I was first testing Tea For Two, Olivia Giacobetti's 2000 creation for L'Artisan I accidentally layered it with a tuberose perfume. I can't remember what it was: L'Artisan's own Tubereuse, MPG or perhaps a drop of Fracas extrait. I was all over the place with new discoveries. It might sound like a terrible combination, but if you consider the smoky and almost rubbery aspect of Lapsang Souchong, the black tea that is in the center of Tea For Two and the rubbery quality of tuberose it might make a little more sense.

Ever since then I look for the tuberose whenever I wear or smell Tea For Two. Sometimes it even feels a bit incomplete without the drama. But it really shouldn't.

Tea For Two smells edible as much as it's a tea scent. While the first blast is that beautiful Lapsang Souchong (and it remains there for the entire wear of the perfume), there's also a lot of candied ginger and spice cookies dipped in the cup, spreading the cinnamon and anise aroma all around me. The ginger is chewy and at times a bit bothersome. The husband is not a fan of it on himself but says it smells great on me. I adore Tea For Two on all its quirks and oddities because eventually it's a smoky gourmand with a beautiful vanilla dry-down and a hint of the leather you get  in spades from Dzing! (another Giacobetti for L'Artisan).

Sometimes I still layer it with a tuberose, just because I can.

Notes (looks very partial, but that's what Luckyscent lists): ginger, cinnamon, green anise, honey, vanilla.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Tea For Two ($135, 100ml EDT) is available from MiN New York (, Aedes, Henri Bendel, Barneys, Luckyscent, BeautyHabit and the other usual suspects. It looks like Luckyscent still has some of the 50 ml bottles ($95) in stock, though this specific size was discontinued earlier this year.

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  1. I adore Tea for Two but can only wear for one--myself!! The husband hates it on me!!

  2. While this is a bit off topic, will someone, anyone, please explain to me why L'Artisan Vanille (Vanilla) was discontinued...pity, gorgeous, smokey and I still lust.

  3. I'm so sad that Tea for Two has been discontinued. Not only was it one of my favourites but it layers well with many of the perfumes I own. After reading your review I tried it with some Fracas and it is beautiful. However, I have to be careful to apply the Fracas sparingly as it overpowers easily. The extrait feels smoother in this layering combination than the EdP.


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