Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick 682 Gibraltar

Dior Addict lipstick in 682 Gibraltar has become one of my default  no-need-to-think-about one in every purse colors. Sephora defines it as mauve. I don't label it anything. Maybe a "just right rose". It has a lot of impact for a sheer lipstick and I find it very flattering and good for my mood.

Dior Addict lipsticks in the new formula are on the sheer side, moisturizing and glossy. Gibraltar is not sticky at all but has quite a bit of slip. The pigment is strong and impressive, but it doesn't leave much of a stain behind and doesn't survive lunch.

Bottom Line: easy to love.

Dior Addict Lipsticks ($28) are available from department stores and Sephora as well as online.


  1. Gibralter looks amazing. I'm so tempted to get me some Dior Addict goodness...

  2. Oh this is easy to love. Sheer versions of darker colors are always great!

  3. Oh boy, a mood enhancer, I really need that. That is such a pretty color, but I am concerned about the staying power, because I only apply ipstick once a day. That's for the swatch and review

  4. Jen, the thing about Dior Addict is that these lipsticks are truly addictive...

  5. Dovey, I agree. Sheer reds and plums are my favorite. High impact but easy to wear.

  6. Monique, these are not once-a-day lipsticks. You'll probably be happier with a full-coverage long lasting formula.

  7. I adore these lipsticks, it's the only thing I buy anymore. They feel beautiful on your lips, have no taste or scent, and look gorgeous. Gilbralter is a beautiful rosy color with depth & shine, one of my favorites also.


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