Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hakuhodo S142 and S146 Eye Shadow Brushes

Hakuhodo S142 and S146 (from the S100 series) are perhaps the best crease brushes I've tried, at least for working with finely-milled silky soft eye shadows. Both are made of blue squirrel hair and sport the vermilion handle of Hakuhodo's top-of-the-line series. They're dreamily soft (too soft to pick product that has a somewhat hard texture), springy and just fluffy enough for blending.

I can't say enough about the softness. These are the brushes I never hesitate using even when my face feels raw and painful after an allergy attack. They are dense enough to use with the most delicate eye shadow textures- the ones that give you a hard time if you go at them with a stiffer brush and leave fall out all over the place. Not with these Hakuhoso brushes, though. The S142 and S146 don't disturb the surface of the product too much and only pick up what you need. Then they deposit the color on the lid or crease and blend it perfectly.

Both the S142 and S146 are narrow and pointed, making them ideal for crease work. You can use the tip and then the side in your favorite blending technique.

Hakuhodo S142 is the larger of the two. It's closest in size and shape to Paula Dorf's Sheer Crease brush, only pointier and softer. The S146 is a refined, narrow version that would work especially well for those who have smaller lids and creases. I often use it to blend and diffuse powder shadow over an eyeliner.

Bottom Line: it doesn't get much better than this.

Hakuhodo S142 ($27)  and S146  ($26) Eye Shadow Brushes are available from They ship internationally.


  1. My first Hakuhodo purchase did not disappoint. I'm a sucker for crease brushes maybe one of these would do well as my next purchase!

  2. My Hakuhodo G5533BkSL blending brush arrived today (they'd sent me the wrong brush in my original order, which I ended up buying anyway), but I like the look of the vermillion handle better. I guess there's always next time. >:D

    Like Modesty Brown, I love a good crease brush, and you can never have too many.

  3. I'm a complete SUCKER for tapered crease and face brushes... I'm surprised how so many DON'T know it's a 2-1 brush for application, and even more so surprised not every company has put one out. <3 my Hakuhodo brushes, but you HAVE to try Louise Young brushes! They are made of the same quality w/ other unique brush types on their own!

  4. I've been immeasurable pleased with all the Hakuhodo brushes I've gotten so far. The brushes are of incomparable quality, they're esthetically appealing, they offer excellent brush series at different price points, the company has great customer service, and there is a "brick and mortar" location just a 45 minute freeway hop from me--what's not to love?

    Hi Soma Seven,

    Gaia has reviewed some of the Louise Young brushes and it's thanks to her that I purchased that humongous fan brush. I use it primarily for blending or applying bronzer and I adore it--when I can stop laughing over it's size :-)

    Have any of you ladies tried brushes by Rouge Bunny Rouge?

  5. Haha... I just saw she posted on the LY38! I became a new sub to her blog because I can't help but be a brush snob, and her reviews are EXACTLY right up my alley!

    I have yet to try Rouge Bunny Rouge, but I have heard it's way overpriced for what they offer cosmetics-wise. Not so much on their brushes...


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