Thursday, August 04, 2011

Exude Lipstick- Cranberry

Last week's announcement about the new lipstick brand, Exude, promoted by Rachel Zoe grabbed my attention enough to place an order as soon as the website was up. I bought this Cranberry lipstick and two glosses which I'll show you later.

The packaging is very modern and unique. I wish the boxes weren't so big, because I usually prefer keeping my lipsticks in their original boxes and it's just not an option in this humongous case. The tube is this rubbery-feeling white that I hope will be easy to keep clean (wet wipes are going to be essential). The lipstick itself is in liquid formula inside a traditionally-shaped clear plastic applicator. You twist the base (just a teeny tiny twist) to dispense the product and can use it directly on the lips or, as I prefer, with a lip brush.

The lipstick and glosses only arrived yesterday afternoon, so I can't write a comprehensive review yet, but I'm wearing it now and loving the soft balmy texture, the minty taste/smell (disappears withing five minutes) and the color. Oh, the color!

Cranberry is exactly as it appears in the photos and in the tube. A beautiful,flattering red berry shade with delicate shimmer. The liquid texture can be sheered or built for intensity and also mixed with the lip glosses. I'm way more impressed with Exude than I thought I would be. I admit that I'm ambivalent about Rachel Zoe, but a good lipstick is a good lipstick.

Exude lipsticks ($29 each) are currently online available online from

All photos are mine. Seriously. Stealing them will result in bad karma that may or may not include bad skin forever.


  1. Although I love liquid lipsticks and have anxiously awaited their return, I would not buy this product because of the gimmicky packaging. I usually use a brush to apply lipstick, but I need something I can apply from the tube if necessary. It looks like trying to do that with these shades and this packaging would be a disaster.

    I find it bizarre that they packaged the gloss and lipstick in the same component. Not smart marketing, nor will it be easy to choose the shade you want from your stash.

    It's an interesting concept, but I think this venture will be an epic fail.

    BTW, if you go to the website, there's a pic of Rachel Zoe, wearing a very dark shade of lipstick, that's really scary. I'm just sayin.'

  2. What beautiful colors! I am very interested in the colors but am more than a bit offput by the packaging. I'm sorry to say I am not sure I can get past the packaging in order to purchase. I'll have to ponder for a bit.


  3. I bought exude lipstick in Cranberry and clear. Its just great.
    I'm very excited about it. The taste peppermint is addictive! Love it.

    I saw it advertised on the daily show last week.


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