Friday, August 19, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge- Bruised

The only thing I'm iffy about regarding Bruised by Rescue Beauty Lounge is the name. The mental image is not what I want from my nail polish, but all is forgiven and forgotten as soon as I start applying Bruised to my nails.

I love the formula and brush of Rescue Beauty Lounge that allow even  a low-skilled klutz like me to end up with smooth polished nails. The shiny creamy finish is elegant and always appropriate and the color... oh, it's lovely. Bruised is a deep and somewhat murky plum, not too purple and not too brown. Dark enough to be just a bit edgy but Bruised transcends trends and can be worn by just about anyone.

Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes typically have a wonderful resistance to chipping and I can wear them, Bruised included, for about 5 days before the tips show any sign of wear.

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish ($18)  is available from


  1. This is the current color on my toes. Yeah, I realize now that "Bruised" toes does not sound appealing. But the color is wonderful. This is an awesome plum that works any time of year.

    I jumped on it when Ji re-released it.

  2. Oh how I love plum! I will purchase this for sure. Thanks!


    (PS, pardon me for being somewhat slow about things but did you see that Chanel has created a sort of flanker for #19?)

  3. Lexi, me to. I waited for Bruised to be back. Now considering a backup.

  4. Katherine, yes, this is a plum-lover's dream. I'd suggest getting a bottle before it's out of stock again.

    Re: Chanel, yes, I'm wearing No. 19 Poudre as we speak. Trying to decide how I feel about it other than that it's better than the reformulated version of the classic.

  5. "Bruised" makes me think of greenish-black, not puce. Though "puce" is not a much better name, either. This looks like it could either be lovely on me, or look like my fingertips are exactly what the name implies. I'm intrigued.

  6. I love this color for weeks when I'm not sure what colors I'll be wearing ... works wonderfully with warm and cool tones, muted and brights. Really magical.

  7. I have the same issue with butter London's Marrow. It looks like a gorgeous color but I can't buy it because of the name!


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