Thursday, July 07, 2011

Burberry No. 09 Socket Line Brush

From Nordstrom Website:
Burberry Eye Brush No. 09 is a long-bristled blending brush with a slight point. Made from ultrasoft goat hair, it is used to apply eyeshadow at the tip to create a deeper, but soft, socket line. Used by Burberry Beauty makeup artists to create an effortless smoky eye look.
This is a pretty straightforward description of Burberry No. 09 Socket Line Brush. Whisk-shaped crease/blending brushes are among the most useful tools a makeup user can have in his or her inventory. Depending on the eye size and shape you can use them to apply color, diffuse and blend it. The rounder and thicker brushes are more suited for blending and or applying a sheer wash (the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush is the perfect example). The smaller and pointier Paula Dorf Crease Brush is also a good tool for defining the crease of deep set eyes and/or large lids (Le Metier de Beaute Crease brush is also a top contender in this category).

Like Chanel #12, Burberry 09 is somewhere in the middle and can multitask depending on the eye shadow you're using and your eye shape. While the Burberry brush has a similar feel and heft as the Chanel (both are lighter than the superbly weighted Edward Bess). It is very well made, just like other Burberry makeup brushes (a review of No. 10 coming soon), wonderfully soft and pretty.

Bottom Line: quickly becoming a favorite.

Burberry No. 09 Socket Line Brush ($38) is a Nordstrom exclusive (at least for now), available at select location and online.

All photos are mine.


  1. Oh, I love the sound of this. Good crease brushes really are worth hunting out in my opinion.

  2. What a nice crease brush collection you have! I'm still looking forward to your epic brush review.

  3. So very jealous of your crease brush collection! These are my favourite brushes since they hold so many purposes...crease work, blending, a sheer wash of colour, and they are excellent for blending concealer. I think I'm going to go for the Louise Young LY38A.

  4. Very nice review. Looking forward to the rest of the Burberry Beauty brush line to come out. Would you recommend this over the Edward Bess brush if you can only choose one? I'm looking for a slightly more dense application with the ability to blend well. Thanks.

  5. wow..Great blog!! you should start many more. i love all the info provided. i will stay tuned :)

  6. lovely! how does this compare to your Hakuhodo crease brushes like S142 and if you could have three Hakuhodo eye brushes, which ones would it be? :)


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