Monday, July 04, 2011

Chanel Peridot 531 Le Vernis Nail Colour For Fall 2011

A few years ago I probably would have passed on Chanel Peridot (#531), one of three limited edition nail polish colors from the fall 2011Collection Illusions d'Ombres de Chanel. I would have regarded this undefinable greenish gold shade too weird or too green or just too something. I would have missed this great color that turned out to be love at first application.

Peridot changes color depending on the angle and amount of light. The less light the greener it gets. Full sun makes the polish look like slightly dirty brassy gold. And it shifts into every shade in between. Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book compared Peridot to a scarab beetle and she's spot on.

Seriously, though, I love this color. I know Chanel released it as a fall shade, but I find it fun to wear right now. I also love the easy application, quick drying formula and the fact I can get away with only one coat, which is what you see in the photo: I applied a second coat a couple of hours after taking these photos. You do need two coats for a smooth finish and color intensity, but if you're trying to make sure you don't leave the house and promptly ruin your manicure, you can do your nails in stages and no one would notice unless they really look closely. The swatch on the clear plastic thingy is of two coats and you can see the green shows up better.

Bottom Line: Love. And who doesn't want nails that look like this:

Chanel Peridot 531 Le Vernis Nail Colour For Fall 2011 ($25) is limited edition. Currently available at te counters and from

Peridot photos are all mine, scarab beetle photo from .


  1. See, this is what happens when you immerse yourself in the world of cosmetics. You suddenly find yourself stepping out of the box and trying things your former self would never have dared to try.

    I have Peridot and I'm loving it. Sometimes I just sit there and move my fingers back and forth to see the way the light morphs it into new colors. I'm easily amused, though.


  2. Peridot is such an extraordinary color. There will undoubtedly be superficial dupes as cheaper brands rush to put out less costly (and inferior) options, but the play of colors that comprise Chanel's Peridot is excpetional. Initially, the name and promo pictures really confused me. The color I saw in the picture just didn't jive with the color I knew peridot to be. But, as more and more bloggers began to liken Peridot to the multi-hued metallic coloring of beatles, I had that ah-ha moment and ordered it. I haven't been in the least bit disappointed. It is everything all you lovely blogging ladies have said it is. It is destined to be one of the defining nail colors of the season.

  3. I was unsure of the color looking at promo photos. Seeing someone else's swatch photos didn't do it for me. Even when I swatched it on myself, I thought I didn't want it. But I let the swatch stay on for a couple days, and now I love it. On my nail, it seems to be more bronzey gold than green, but I found myself liking it when it does flash green. Going back for it! :)

  4. Wackily sophisticated, unique and gorgeous. Getting it for sure.

  5. Love the idea and the color and am happy to see it works with your coloring (similar to mine)--was sure it would turn me yellow.

    That beetle makes me want to immediately layer it over black polish!

  6. I immediately fell in love with the color when i first saw it in fall nail polish fashion article. Although the nailpolish is a little pricey, i would still buy it because of the interesting color. I have never seen a nail polish so vibrant and gorgeous!


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