Sunday, July 31, 2011


There's the full Rosetta Stone French kit sitting here, staring at me and mocking my poor attention span and general lack of focus. I've promised myself to learn more than how to say "Serge Lutens" and "pain au chocolat". Don't bet your money on me.

I've had Andrew Bird's Not A Robot But A Ghost stuck in my head for days now. At least it's an awesome song.

The latest Nombre d'Or trio from Mona di Orio. I was going to review Vetyver tonight but need another day or two to put it into words. Spoiler: Love.
Oh, and last night I was kept awake by CB I Hate Perfume I Am A Dandelion. The dandelions were talking to me.

If it's turquoise- I'm wearing it.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item:
Black flat Manolo thong sandals. I live in them:

July was zucchini month in our garden. We've been eating them several times a week.

Bane of my existence:
Attention span. I have none.

Summer, in general.


Wish List:
This, though I prefer the green version of the earrings:

Random Thoughts:
a) One would have thought Nick Lachey has learned the lesson from his first marriage.
b) One would think that when launching a new beauty product a company might research the beauty media and make smart decisions.
c) Apparently, one tends to be wrong.

What's currently on your mind, face and body? Please share!

Art by Sarah S. Stilwell Weber, 1906
Sandals: or (can't remember where I bought the sandals)
JAR gorgeousness from


  1. Mind: something I've been avoiding thinking about for the longest time. Really have to start confronting devils but oh so hard :(

    Face: finally fell into neutral shades. i started my collection with colors. But am i blaspheming by not being entirely in love with RBR?

    Body: I wish I could diversify from wearing Free People/Club Monaco/Zara. but everything else i like is way out of my price range.

  2. Book:
    Mandy Aftel's "Essence & Alchemy" - I am taking this perfume self-education business very seriously. I've been reading your old entries too (and remembering where I was when you first posted), along with making attempts to re-read older entries on NST, ScentHive, Eyeliner on a Cat, Nathan Branch, etc. My goal is to become educated enough to not feel silly every time I post a perfume review.

    (On a French-related note, I spent a good hour last night struggling to write a letter in French to send to Les Salons du Palais Royale Shiseido to request the Petit Livre. Knowing my luck, I probably wrote something along the lines of "I want to smell like a duck, please mail me cheese." I have a feeling they will send me a Rosetta Stone instead of the sampler. We can struggle through it together.)

    Frank Ocean's "Nostalgia, Ultra" mixtape. I'm desperate for Fink's new album to be released in the US.

    I just ordered Roxana Villa's latest scent, To Bee (well the sampler set of the solid and the liquid). I'm still working my way through my Aroma M samples. I am still daydreaming about Bandit; I'm waiting until our next date to pick it up.

    Dewy bronzey skin, dark brows, loose eyeshadows. I'm currently head over heels with my Linnaeus Cosmetics samples. Marin is working on a bunny collection, and one of the colors is this insane mauve-taupe...

    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item:
    Microminis and the metallic taupe Lucky Brand flats my mom purchased for me.

    Too much junk. I need to diet.

    Bane of my existence:
    This heat, my skin, my lack of storage space.

    The love and support of my Twitter fam, the fact that I purchased a facial finally, and not struggling to pay my bills.

    Tomorrow. Every tomorrow. Being inspired to write!

    Wish List:
    The UD 15th Anniversary palette, Piguet Bandit, samples of all of the Aftelier perfumes, Le Labo Labdanum 18, and a pretty blank notebook.

    (The Blonde needs to buy you those earrings ASAP.)

    Random Thoughts:
    Who thought crackle nail polish was ok?!

  3. Mind: I really need to put on my new hotel-style shower head so that I never have another shower as bad as the one I had earlier today.

    Face: Nothing except REN Frankincense night cream

    Body: On toes: Essie Lollipop polish, A Wing and a Prayer Berkeley perfume.

    Book: Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Played With Fire, which is calling my name right now!

  4. I'm curious to see how Rosetta stone works! I'd love to hear an update later if you have time.

    Mind: need to get up to speed with work.

    Face: Trying to save my cosmetics-ravaged sensitive skin. My new mud mask was a good start

    Body: I'm obsessed with Jasmine scents now. I need to figure out some good candidates for sniffing in-store next time I head out.

  5. Mind:
    I need to find a job. Which is why I woke up at a regular, morning hour today. On a lighter note, I'm reading Small Island by Andrea Levy (the French translation), about the relationships between Jamaican and British people during and after the Second World War. (At least that's what I get from it, halfway through the book.) And relistening to Fiona Apple's When the Pawn album a lot lately.

    I woke up this morning during a dream where I was buying pale pink lipstick and lipgloss... I don't generally wear makeup besides concealer, powder and mascara, especially during the summer, but it might push me to buy some more.

    I was wearing Annick Goutal Eau de Camille yesterday, reminded me I want a decant. Still debating what to wear today - and hoping to receive a few packages this afternoon! Besides, I'm so happy I bought those sandals (in that purple color), I've been wearing them all the time. But I'd like to wear my heels more often, I just walk around so much that it's a little inconvenient.

  6. Perfume: i found vintage Ermes, "Amazone" in parfume, in a tiny bottle.
    Food: too much ice cream, too much of anything. Cooking.
    ** I'm quiting smoking (again).
    Reading: too many italian magazines and national geographic. If you can't travel, at least read about it.
    Music: soundtrucks of old european films or any film old at least twenty five years. Nostalgia is the thing.
    Make up: a very nice shade of silver on my eyes from Korres line.
    Joy: enough time for sleeping. And at last swimming in the sea.

  7. Mind: a lot. Trying to move to a new province, and I find it difficult living between two worlds. Plus, I keep buying nutritious food, opening a fridge or a drawer, and realizing what I wanted to cook is actually 700 km away, in my other house.

    Reading: New translation of Dr Zhivago (highly recommend) and Out of Africa. Waiting impatiently for Michael Ondaatje's new book, out the end of this month. I too am a fan of Andrea Levy's books-Small Island rocks, and her newest one is unbelievable, too!

    Face: Chanel's UV sun protection. It serves as sunbloak, and perfect base for foundation. Guerlain's Mascara, in the funny tube. Love te product, but the packaging allows for leakage, so not sure I will buy again. Also Guerlain's lip gloss #850.

    Body: Samples of Love Coconut amd Vamp a NY - love both! Also CB I hate perfume Cedarwood Tea-just had lovely first swap, and ended up with a fragrance I never would have tried, but absolutely love!


  8. Oh, Gaia, I can totally relate with the lack of attention span...I' m reading 3 books, those days: 1) Robert M. Sapolsky - Why zebras don't get ulcers, 2) I. D. Stefanidis - Stirring the Greek Nation: Political Culture, Irredentism and Anti-Americanism in Post-War Greece, 1945–1967, 3) Byzantine History (it's a book from a history series). I like interchanging between them.

    I'm satisfied after listening to the Bayreuther Festpiele, which was transmitted live from the radio last week.

    Luxurious flat thongs are absolutely necessary for summer!

    I use my electric epilator for my legs. But, on sensitive areas it's unbearably painful and causes bumps. So, I opt for shaving. It's only recently that I tried a new method for really gentle shaving (my razor is the gentlest it can be-Venus Gillette). I use pure almond oil with some drops of favorite essential oils. I apply on wet skin. I feel more pampered and safe with oil.

    Favorite sunscreen for body: Monoi oil!

  9. Mind: One Day - My sister had it and it is proving very readable. I go through phases of intense reading and then times when i don't all.

    Face: Still loving my dior rosy nude from SS11. Plus it took me ages to track down. Finally spotted it in Galeries Lafayette in Nice.

    Body: migraine city so none!

  10. Mind: I can never let work anxiety go, I work as a nurse and have a hard time not worrying how things are unfolding.

    I would love to learn French. And Italian, and Spanish, Portugese... would love to pick back the Russian I heard my parents speak when I was growing up.

    Make-up: black e/l. What else is new. Currently loving my new LM Smoky eye palette, and of course Chanel la Ligne with just a wash of LM's Stellar over the lid. Trying to keep my skin in check--hydrated, nourished, not angry in the heat.

    Food: I have been indulging in Tapas and cannot.stop. Love anything brine-y with olive oil.

    Joy: I have a very blessed life. Any minor kinks will work their way out.

    Body: no body lotion, careful with perfumes in summer, as = bad heat rash.

  11. Oy I justa-Love when you do a Currently! Wicked Fun reading you and every reply - always get turned on to something New :)

    Book: Swann's Way ~ Oh I've fallen in mad mad Love with Proust! I sit under an OLD Ivy-swirled Oak, dipping fried plantains in fresh honey, & flying high with the wanton wordsmith ~~~

    Music: Lately I have La Roux's 'New Orleans Ladies' & Van Morrison's 'Tupelo Honey' on a loop in my head.

    Perfume: Last few days, it's Lux by Mona di Orio - OHHHhhhhh languid, liquid, luscious, lingering LIGHT, from sharp lemon yellow all the way down to dusky amber caresses - this perfume is making me inSANELY happy. It's too good to be true :)

    Makeup: Ab-so-lute-ly NUTTIN-say-it-again!

    Food: Lucky Charms

    Bane: The seal-eating episodes which always taint an otherwise perfectly swell Shark Week :(

    Joy: Jogging on the bay at night with Louie Louie Twist & Shout (me little red min pin)

    Anticipation: About to start recording my original music - Whoot! :)

    Wish List: Fall. And a bell jar of MKK. And as much Onda as I can ever hope to have.

    Random Thought: Watched two spiders slug it out over the girl who's gonna eat them both. Damn. Lucy must smell Really good!!

    Z :)

  12. I've had a bunch of Andrew Bird songs stuck in my head for the past week! He is definitely awesome.

    I'm living in my C&C California jogging pants and Matt Bernson black Love sandals.

    Wearing Ellis Faas lipstick in Glazed Lips L303 pretty much every day. Getting ready to make a Hakuhodo brush order (a new obsession).

  13. Mind: What is that? My software magician friend has my deeply beloved (and overly temperamental) Toshiba Satellite, and I am now on an Acer notebook, until he is done with my machine. My two hands spread out thumb to thumb are bigger than the keyboard on this thing.

    Face: From a distance, everything is all right. Up closer, it's a disaster area. Blotchy, scaly, much too much sun. The nearest dermatologist does not take my insurance..... It's combination skin, and much oilier in summer.

    Fragrance: loving the decants a kind friend sent. Wearing Ormonde Jayne's Ta'if today. big, beautiful, and lasting. Middle notes are (to me) a very dirty green, which I like!

    Book: just started Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. Like it so far (just to page 30).

    It's sad about Borders closing, and the people who will lose their jobs.

    Food: Local Raspberries!

    Would like to try: Nuxe Dry Oil.

    Delight: Not watching TV on a regular basis.

    "Smelling great is half the battle." (I don't know if anyone else said it first, if so, apologies. However, I am more confident if I am wearing a scent that pleases me.)

    Movie: H.P. 7-2. Good as a movie, but not enough Luna and Neville.

    DVD- Another Year Charming Mike Leigh talker.

    Music: Saw Steve Earle in concert last night (7/31) with my best friend. Great concert, good time.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  14. Oh I love your Currently posts. Of course I'm dying to know what beauty product/media shenanigans you are referring to...


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