Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shu Uemura Natural 20 and Natural 20H Cheek Brushes

Shu Uemura natural brushes 20 and the angled20H are, indeed, a natural choice for a fool-proof learning curve-free cheek color application. Both are narrow enough that you can't draw outside the lines and into clown territory, but fully packed with soft hair that allows easy and accurate blending. If I were to buy a brush or two for a much-loved makeup beginner with the intention of her (or him) using them for many years, the 20 and 20H would be an easy choice.

Shu Uemura Natural 20 and Natural 20H are excellent blush, highlight and contour brushes. The perfect proportions makes them fit right where you need the color to go, allowing easy placement and blending of any powder products (I prefer a denser brush for liquid or cream highlighters). Natural 20 is a soft and cuddly blush brush that works with most blushes including very pigmented ones (quickly dip the tip and blend, blend, blend). The excellent quality pony hair feels pampering on the skin and gives a great finish. Shu Uemura Natural 20 can also press tiny amounts of powder onto the skin and/or flick away the excess.

The angle of 20H is very pronounced and sharp, and as you can see the Shu Uemura brush is narrower than the Hakuhodo B512BkSL highlight brush. I use them as backup for each other, but the Shu even better for staying on the cheek bone while the Hakuhodo easily doubles as a regular blush brush. I have several highlighting/contouring brushes but the Shu Uemura seems the easiest one to use with most products and I reach for it regularly.

Bottom Line: we all need these two.

Shu Uemura Natural 20 and Natural 20H Cheek Brushes ($50 each) are available from shuuemura-usa.com and overseas Shu counters.


  1. NB, do you have any other recs for narrow angled highlighting brushes that will stay on the cheekbone. I'd buy the 20H but it's sold out. :(

  2. i have these two and i love them, every single strand of them! LOL. seriously, Shu Uemura makes the best brushes, awesome quality. i've had my #20 for 3 years and it still looks new! after washing that is :P


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