Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Louise Young LY16 Eye Shadow 3 Sable Brush

Louise Young LY16 Eye Shadow brush lives in my eyeliner drawer. It has a teeny tiny head- smaller than that of the two Hakuhodo brushes I use for tightlining (K005 and its twin, Kokutan E0189 the latter is seen below). LY16 is C-shaped, though, making it less ideal for tightlining as it doesn't cover as much lash root ground at one go. Still, I do use it often to draw a thick line, smudge and smoke my eyeliner, fill in gaps between line and lashes and do any detail work.

You can see that Louise Young LY16 is even smaller than the wonderful Paula Dorf Smudge brush (the head, that is. Handle-wise this is quite a long and thick brush), and just a little wider than my other two detail eye shadow brushes, Chanel #4 and Chantecaille Eye Perfector (I usually reach for the denser Chantecaille between these two). They're all quite interchangeable for me and I rotate between them, depending which one is clean at any given moment. These type of minute eye shadow brush with a rounded edge is also good to gently fill in eye brows if you know what you're doing.

Louise Young LY16 is made of sable hair, looks and feels very well-made. The hair, as little of it as there is, feels soft and nice against delicate skin; none of the issue I had with Louise Young LY12 (the hair feels completely different).

Bottom Line: one of the best in this category.

Louise Young LY16 Eye Shadow (£9.00) is available from louiseyoungcosmetics.com. They ship all over the world.

All photos are mine.


  1. I am so in awe of your brush collection. You have such impeccable taste! I literally have, like, 6 brushes.

  2. i accidentally deleted my comment :(

    that is one of the best feline pictures ever, caught in the element :)

  3. Will you review LY 17 & LY 18? :] lol depending if you already have it.


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