Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sue Devitt Refined Eyebase and Lash Line Definer Brushes

I'll be the first to admit that small flat eye shadow brushes are among the least exciting makeup tools. Their shape is simple and the modest size jut doesn't get a "wow" reaction, unless they're exquisitely soft. Sue Devitt's  Refined Eyebase and Lash Line Definer brushes are the smaller eye shadow brushes in Sue Devitt's Essential Tools collection. The biggest one, the Eyebase Kolinsky brush is a long-time favorite and sees enough use I needed a backup.

The Refined Eyebase brush is a smaller and thinner version of its big brother. It works well for packing on color and is reasonably soft, though not nearly as luxurious as Shu Uemura or Hakuhodo brushes. The Refined Eyebase is made of cruelty-free red sable and for a thin brush it's fluffy enough to allow blending and diffusing pigment.

The Lash Definer brush is not my favorite tool, but it's because of my habits and technique, not the brush's quality. I prefer either tiny and very precise brushes for detail and lash line work (Louise Young LY16, Chantecaille Eye Perfector, Paula Dorf Smudge) or small but round and fluffy smudgers (Sephora Platinum Domed Smudge brush, Paula Dorf Smokie Eye) and also pointy smoky brushes (Laura Mercier, Sephora).

Bottom Line: perhaps not best in class but nice to have.

Sue Devitt Refined Eyebase brush ($32) and Lash Line Definer ($28) are available at Barneys and other department stores, as well as from suedevittbeauty.com.

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