Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Laura Mercier Canyon Collection Fall 2011 Mauve Plum Lip Glacé

Laura Mercier's Canyon Collection for fall 2011 includes four colors of her gloss, Lip Glacé. There are also four lipstick shades, all very nice, but I passed on the latter because none was unique enough. But I ws helpless against the gloss named Mauve Plum. Seriously, Laura Mercier might as well name it Gaia, The Non-Blonde. It's the kind of color I wear and wear (and wear) and before I know it another tube is empty. Mauve Plum reminded me of an old and discontinued favorite Chanel Glossimer called Fig. The Glossimer is long gone now so I can't compare the two, but Mauve Plum Lip Glacé is close enough to make me happy.

This Laura Mercier lip gloss gives medium coverage, a considerable amount of pigment that actually shows well on my lips (if you're very pale Mauve Plum might look dark and brownish against your skin, so please test). It's not too sticky, has a nice shiny-though-not-obnoxious finish and last for two or three hours uninterrupted.

This lip gloss has one major issue, though: its scent. And coming from me this should tell you something as I enjoy most scented makeup, from Guerlain and Chanel to Burberry. Laura Mercier's lip product tend to be strongly perfumed (remember the gel lipsticks?), and this Mauve Plum Lip Glacé is no exception. This time the smell is more synthetic vanilla, which accounts for Kosh's strong interest. I could not keep the cat away while swatching. It was rather funny and cute, but I'm pretty sure not necessary for him to consume.

Laura Mercier Mauve Plum Lip Glacé from the fall 2011 Canyon Collection ($22) is available at the counters and from lauramercier.com.

All photos are mine.


  1. I love this colour, although our autumn collections come out much later in Europe than in the US, so I may be waiting a while!

  2. kitty sandpaper!

    i have dogs lick my skin all the time when i meet them on walks, but my kitties don't react to anything i wear. i get lots of head butting and nuzzling, though, and both like to bury their noses in my armpit, so they must like at least part of how i smell!

    love seeing your precious cats in your pics, as usual.


  3. Looks gorgeous. I adore plummy mauve brown lip glosses.

    Not really a fan of heavily scented lip products though. Will need to check this out in person

  4. The moment I opened the tester of this gorgeous gloss, the strong fragrance smacked my nose. After trying the color on my arm (sans cat), I put it back and politely told the rep it was gorgeous.

    I don't understand LM's decision to perfume her lip colors.

  5. Kitty! Tell us the truth, you smeared tuna juice on your wrist. ;)

    I love the appearance of that gloss. I wonder how it would look on top of LM Bing Cherry, a red with plummy-brown undertones.

  6. That color is beautiful against your skin--almost as lovely as the pretty pink kitty tongue :-)


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