Friday, July 29, 2011

Trish McEvoy Brightening Pink Beauty Booster Lip Gloss

You're right. The intense pink shade of Trish McEvoy Brightening Pink Beauty Booster Lip Gloss is not exactly my signature color. The mini tube you see here was a gift with purchase and I tested it more out of obligation; the whole "I try stuff so you don't have to" thing. I'm so glad I did.

I have few Trish McEvoy lip products, but really like all of them. I checked, but none of the ones I own have the  minty smell of this gloss. I was worried at first that the mint meant tingle and irritation, but once I realized it wasn't the case I found myself enjoying the scent (it's not overwhelming, but you do need to like mint). The Beauty Booster gloss is very hydrating and comfortable. It makes my lips look and feel softer and fuller by supplying them with moisture, and the SPF 15 doesn't hurt, either.

The big surprise, though, was the color. What looks like crazy pink  in the tube and bright pink on my wrist ends up as a very acceptable rich rose that allows enough of my natural lip color to dominate while adding a bright cheerful hue. It's a great daytime color for me (your mileage will vary) and one I find myself grabbing and putting in my purse very often this summer.

Bottom Line: a very nice and wearable surprise.

Trish McEvoy  Beauty Booster Lip Gloss ($25 for a full size tube, also comes in several lighter shades) is available from most department stores and Blue Mercury. Mine was a GWP.

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  1. I love Trish McEvoy. I feel like her line is very underrated. Almost every product of hers that I've gotten I've used up completely.


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