Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parfums Monsillage- Ipanema Posto Nove

The best thing I found in Montreal (other than some fabulous patisseries) was Parfums Monsillage. A local perfume house that currently offers four fragrances. I came home with a bottle of Aviation Club and samples of the others. I have a feeling this is not the end of it.

Ipanema Posto Nove was inspired by the orchid sanctuary in the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden. It's a rich summer perfume, sweet and tropical, without crossing the lines into fruity-floral vulgarity and other perfume cliches. I guess it's the violet, sheer but prominent, that keeps things ladylike. It doesn't hurt that Ipanema Posto Nove smells of quality and a sure hand that created it. Violet perfumes often remind one classic perfumes of yore, but this Monsillage creation is very modern and is not likely to cause mayhem at the office.

I've been enjoying Ipanema Posto Nove the last couple of weeks. It's pretty and lovable and hits a similar spot for me as Uncle Serge's Nuit de Cellophane, only with violet. Monsillage perfumes, other than the eau de cologne-type Eau Fraiche are very long lasting on me and have a decent yet inoffensive sillage. I've been happily marinating in my milky violet bubble. It was the equivalent of a pretty floral sundress.

Notes: jasmine, rose, clove, coconut milk, violet, rosewood, mandarin, sweet fern, patchouli, cedar, incense

Ipanema Posto Nove by Parfums Monsillage ($95, 1.7 oz  EDT) is available from (payment accepted through PayPal) and in select locations as listed on the website.

Art: Cattleya Orchid And Three Brazilian Hummingbirds by Martin Johnson Heade


  1. I live in Montréal, not too far from one of her points of sale... I'll try to go smell them soon! I'm not sure about the three others, but Aviation Club in particular looks like I might like it...

  2. Interesting review and I'd like to try it sometime, but I mainly wanted to comment on what a beautiful image that is. Very well chosen for this review!


  3. I love the illustration you chose. I recently read some text that Lloyd Simmonds, the makeup artist for YSL wrote about the inspiration for the fall 2011 "Midnight Garden" collection & this image reminds me of his vision of a dark & lush, tropical garden. Violet is one of my favorite notes, so I'd love to try this scent! Thanks for the review. :)


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