Monday, July 25, 2011

Profumum- Arso

When my scent twin, Tom, sniffed Arso by Profumum his socks remained firmly on his feet. The combination of smoke, cedar, leather and incense reminded him of a few too many other perfumes he and I already own. Tom mentions Annick Goutal's Encense Flamboyant; I'd also add CdG Zagorsk and layer with Knize Ten or even Etro Gomma. The thing is that Arso is pretty awesome. Seriously, smoke, incense and leather- where do I sign up and sell the kidney?

But Tom is right. Arso is well-made, smells like a million dollar, but even for the leather enthusiasts, there has to be something new that will send our hands to our wallets. And at this point of scent accumulation, Profumum isn't giving us that extra nudge, especially since the dry-down of Arso is more cedar and clean pine than anything else and I actually get the urge to infuse it with something far more wicked, such as Mona di Orio Cuir.

Arso is classified on Luckyscent website as a very masculine perfume. It definitely would smell gorgeous on a man (sorry, Honey, I used up almost all the samples), but my fellow smoke and leather-minded women who love to indulge would have a great time sampling Arso. But in the end of the day, I'd recommend to go with Mona's Cuir.

Arso by Profumum ($240, 100ml EDP) is available from Luckyscent.

Photo:, 1957


  1. I'm torn with this one- it sounds like a slam dunk for me, but I own and love a few of the others you mentioned. If Arso doesn't have "that special something", I'm not going to spend $240 on a bottle, surely.

  2. The reason I haven't really explored niche lines is my suspicion that what they are doing has been done before. And why should I pursue something at that price point, that has been made by an established, well known company, is much easier to find, and which may cost less?


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