Monday, July 04, 2011

Chanel Prelude 33 Les Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow

Chanel  Les Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude (#33) is the fall 2011 addition to the permanent collection. It's the cool neutral answer to Kaska Beige from spring 2010 and is most likely to have a similar destiny as the quad you're most likely to finish and repurchase.

Silky, subtly luminous (more satin than shimmer on the lid), easy to blend and incredibly versatile, Chanel Prelude quad is as appropriate as it gets. I've played with creating different looks with Prelude, using it alone or adding other colors- either complementing neutrals or little bursts of color (forest green, navy, plum) . Prelude plays very well with others (try LMdB Mulberry, Edward Bess Dusk, Bobbi Brown Ivy Shimmer Ink gel eyeliner, anything Rouge Bunny Rouge and I could go on and on). But Prelude is more than enough by itself. From the "no makeup", the Le Nude look, to a subtle taupe smoky eye, it does it all.

I've tried wearing these colors not only over a primer but also on top of various Bobbi Brown Longwear cream eye shadows and got extra depth. But really, it's unnecessary. These colors just work, including the beige that almost disappears in the swatch. It's a great base and highlighter that shows up nicely for inconspicuous brightening of the brow bone.

Bottom Line: I'd buy it for everyone I know.

Chanel Prelude 33 Les Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow ($57) is available at the counters and from

All photos are mine.


  1. Trying so very hard to resist.....

  2. really beautiful! I love it's cooler tones

  3. Oohhh this is lovely. I've really been looking forward to Chanel's Fall collection. I have the Kaska Beige and it gets plenty of use for everyday/office wear. I'll have to swing by my local counter. happy 4th!

  4. I love it, it's simple and classic. Pure Chanel at its best.

  5. I swung by the Chanel counter this morning and didn't purchase this because it looked so different than the online swatches that I assumed my monitor was displaying the colors wrong... After seeing so many reviews, though, I think the problem was the store's lighting. This quad does look like a must-have. (Possibly the Byzance quad as well, although that does look very similar to shades I own.)


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