Monday, July 04, 2011

Chanel Rose Morganite Rouge Double Intensite

Rose Morganite is one of two Rouge Double Intensite shades in the fall 2011 collection. Both Rose Morganite and its lighter sibling, Rose Quartz, are slated to be added to Chanel's permanent line of these double-ended lip color. For those unfamiliar with Rouge Double Intensite, it's a long tube with a very long-lasting liquid lipstick on one end and a clear gloss on the other. You apply the color, let it set and dry for 30 seconds and then apply the gloss. It's quite essential for me to use a gloss over the liquid lipstick because otherwise the formula is too drying. Of course, you're not married to the clear gloss and can use any Chanel Glossimer or a glaze from any other brand and alter the color as you see fit (I've done this a lot with Chanel Sandstone because it pulls a bit too brown for me).

The lasting power of Rouge Double Intensite has always been phenomenal and Rose Morganite is no exception. While I need to touch up the gloss and reapply after drinking or eating, the deep red-based rose doesn't budge. It also took me quite a bit of elbow grease and an oil-based cleanser to remove the lipstick from my wrist after swatching. It didn't want to go anywhere.

The color of Rose Morganite is very classic. It would look more bold on the pale and fair, but on me it's an easy color, just a bit more red than my natural lip and it goes with everything, day and night. It is a bit drying at the end of the day, so my preference, as with all Rouge Double Intensite, is not to wear Rose Morganite two days in a row because my lips require some extra TLC. Otherwise I would always keep a backup in my purse.

Bottom Line: another classic.

Chanel Rose Morganite Rouge Double Intensite ($34) is available at the counters and from

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  1. Gorgeous shade!

    1. I want one .. I had one before and then I did not find it any where>>
      can any one help me to order this glose in the pic up (Chanel Rose Morganite Rouge)
      this is my email..
      [email protected]


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