Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Technically Speaking

Many of you have noticed a couple of technical issues that have been plaguing the blog for a while. The more annoying one is the way Blogger has been butchering the quality of pictures. It's not my camera or the photo sources I've been using; it's the way Blogger is now displaying its hosted images. The only comfort is that when you click on the picture itself it opens up normally and in full size and resolution. So basically, it's still there, you just need to click for the full experience.

Only slightly less annoying is the LinkWithin widget I use in every article to suggest other posts on this blog that might interest the reader. They're supposed to be of similar subject, but for the last two weeks LinkWithin seems to be digging up random items that have no relevancy to the topic at hand. Sometimes it's quite amusing to get a blast from The Non-Blonde's past, but I truly wish they'd get their act together and fix the widget.

Then there's the issue with email subscriptions: months ago I made a full switch to Feedburner and removed the FeedBlitz link because it was unreliable. There are several options on the menu bar for following the Non-Blonde, including by email. Just remember to click the link in the confirmation email FeedBurner sends you, otherwise the subscription doesn't go through. Some email services tend to flag these subscription verification notices as spam, so if you don't see them within a few hours, please check your junk folder and see if it's there (and click the link!). This is especially common for Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail users, but also email services in other countries and occasionally even Gmail.

That's it, for now, I hope.

Image: The Swinging Sixties on Tumblr


  1. I find the image issue to be particularly annoying! Glad you drew attention to it. :)

    I have wondered for years why individuals would subscribe, but never verify. I assumed they thought the verification e-mail was spam. Never realized they might not have seen it!

  2. I was wondering why my images are suddenly less than spectacular (even taking my lack of photographic proficiency into account). And I've had the same issues with LinkWithin.

    Thanks for clearing all that up! You've set my mind at ease a bit.


  3. It kind of funny because I have notice the blogger picture issue since 2009. I managed to cheat out the system a bit (for a year) by uploading pictures directly to picassa then imput them using the picassa address, now it seems that even if I do that, the host address turns back to blogger...

    On the other hand, most of the time Linkwithin takes a whole day to dig through my archive, which consist of only 1000 posts or so (I imagine it will take longer for you), sometime if I am lucky (or there aren't many similar topic with the same tags) it will take a few hours. On a bad day, it will take them days to actually find the relevant posts.

  4. Totally off topic: I LOVE your picture going with this post. It is just stunning. When looking at it and comparing it with an ad of (just an example) Apple or Nokia or Wacom, I see how different we look at things today.


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