Friday, July 01, 2011

Jean Patou's Independence Day

There was some good news today for perfume lovers mourning the decline of Jean Patou house. Procter & Gamble released Jean Patou from their claws and sold the company to British fragrance manufacturer and distributor SA Designer Parfums Ltd. The new owner is part of Shaneel Enterprises Group, a company that seems a little more suited to luxury fragrances than toothpaste. According to WWD, Among Shaneel’s owned or licensed brands are Agent Provocateur, Jean Louis Scherrer, Aigner Parfums and Worth.

From the WWD article:
“We will reaffirm the Jean Patou heritage and credentials across our global markets and reinforce its position as one of the world’s leading fragrance houses,” stated Dilesh Mehta, Designer Parfums managing director.

Designer Parfums plans to continue reproducing Jean Patou’s fragrances in line with original formulas, bottles, packaging and imagery.
As I said earlier today on Twitter, the only way for Patou from here is up.

Photo of Jean Patou, Paris, 1924, appeared on an eBay auction last year.


  1. That's wonderful news. Hopefully, they'll do a Piguet on us.

  2. I heard the news and am so glad for the Patou brand. My hope is they re-release Eau de Patou, I'm keeping fingers crossed.....

  3. I am really happy to hear this. You just keep bringing good news my way. :)

  4. Wow - great news! I've tried both vintage and reissue of those classic Patous and they are some of my favs, particularly Chaldee. Vacances is a favorite of many bloggers and very hard to find. I think it would do well if they bring it back. ~~nozknoz

  5. I'm delighted to hear this, as I love many of the Patous.

    Thanks for passing along this promising news. -- annunziata

  6. Time to start a letter-writing campaign for the rerelease of Vacances...

  7. It's great to share the excitement with everyone. Dain is right- if they do a Piguet and resurrect the classics while maintaining the quality and style we're all going to be very happy.

  8. That's when men (AND women) dressed with elegance. It makes me sick the way people dress nowadays. I see people wearing jeans in church weddings, for Pete's sake! I think it is a note of respect for your guest that you wear your best--and, please, please, don't bathe in perfume. While a nice scent is wonderful, overwhelming perfume is sickening--and frankly gives me a headache! Excellent blog, by the way. (From a non-blond to another!)


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