Friday, July 29, 2011

Rachel Zoe Promotes Exude Lipstick Line

I'm never sure how and what to feel about Rachel Zoe, but no one can deny that she has a sharp eye, a deep understanding of fashion and an incredible talent at marketing. So when Rachel promotes a new lipstick line I sit straight and listen closely.

Exude is a new NYC-based lipstick line, owned by Diane Breidenbach, who cofounded Exude with her husband, Laurence Mille. The first products to launch on August 2nd will be a lipstick and a gloss. Exude Lipstick has an interesting crystal applicator and a minimalist soft touch tube. The formula continues the popular trend of "good for you" ingredients and contains vitamins C and E, gogi berry and omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Sounds good to me. The lipstick is designed to be applied through the component for the perfect amount of tint. I guess no lip brush is needed.

The lipsticks offer a cream formula and come in nine shades, ranging from Nude to Cranberry (Rachel Zoe’s favorite. I'm also interested in Red #1, Plum and Rosy Brown). The gloss is available in five hues, out of which I'm especially curious about Scarlet Red and Crimson. All lip products are scented with a hint of mint. For now they will be exclusive to the company's website, (not functional at the moment) and retail for $29.

Here's what Rachel Zoe had to say about lipstick in general and the Exude line in particular:
“Of all the makeup I use, I’m most intrigued by and infatuated with lipstick. I have full lips, so playing with color and texture has always been fun for me.”

I would never [promote] something I don’t wear myself or that I don’t believe in. I really believe in this product."

What say you? Are you buying?

Info: WWD, photos via Zimbio and


  1. Hmmm. The products are pretty expensive for a no-name brand, the colors aren't unique or exciting, and I don't believe a word Rachel Zoe says. She'd endorse anything if given enough money. I'll pass unless I see some extraordinary reviews (from the hoi polloi).

  2. Yeah I feel the same about Ms. Zoe - on one hand, she can be annoying and the other, I will stop and look at an editorial she styled or look closely at an actress she has styled for an event.

    I think I'd have to see this in person before purchasing. It's kind of freaky and cool at the same time.

  3. I would love to say a few things about the lipstick, if only I could take my eyes off her hems! This woman is earning her living by giving advice to others "what to wear". Unbelievable!

  4. Aylin I was thinking the same thing. She has impeccable taste, but why must her pant legs always be about 3"+ too long? So sloppy looking!
    These lip products look really interesting.


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