Friday, July 08, 2011

Sue Devitt Powder Brush

Most powder brushes tend to be on the humongous side and there's nothing wrong with it if you need them to do some buffing, finishing or to press powder to large areas. But sometimes you need your powder brush to help you set a very small area (like over a blemish), to powder a limited part of the face (your t-zone) or to flick off excess loose powder that was applied with a puff. This is where Sue Devitt Powder Brush comes into play.

Sue Devitt Powder Brush is made of natural pony hair and feels soft and pleasant. It has no learning curve- you pat and press powder with the flat side, flick with the top and use it to reach narrow  areas like the sides of the nose. Don't be put off by the fact it's smaller than Sue Devitt's blush brush. It's not a mini or an afterthought brush at all. On the contrary: Sue Devitt has designed it for an important and specific task. This is why I love brushes from makeup artists lines- someone who knows what they're doing has chosen particular sizes and shapes that truly work.

Bottom Line: we all need one.

Sue Devitt Powder Brush ($40) is available from many department stores (even my local Macy's has a counter now) and

All photos are mine. Assistants: Lizzy (black tail) and Kosh (orange tabby).


  1. Kosh has got his connoisseur face on.

  2. I wonder: has anyone made a brush from kitten-tail? Lizzie might volunteer? What do you think, gaia and dain, the brush afficionadas?

  3. Good god: this photo (top one with your kittie) is the cutest thing I've seen in a long while. Preeeeecious! Thank you!!


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