Friday, July 22, 2011

YSL Long-Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil Black Ink And Patent Leather

I'm all about waterproof makeup today, considering the temperatures are in the triple digit zone. Enter more YSL Long-Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencils. A few months ago I fell in love with the one I bought in Ultramarine, a gorgeous navy blue. Since I've gone through the black and brown limited edition Armani pencils from last fall in an alarming rate, wearing them into tiny stubs,  it was time to get the YSL ones in Black Ink (01) and Patent Leather (02).

I already talked at length about the texture and wear of the Yves Saint-Laurent waterproof eye pencils in my previous review. These two, a rich glossy black and medium/dark luxurious brown, are of the same quality. They're the best replacement to the Armani pencils I've come across, and have the added bonus of more product in the pencil and a sharpener that comes in every box. I use them directly from pencil to face, or for a more subtle application, I pick up the color with a good tightlining brush. Either way, it's been my go-to eyeliner in recent weeks.

Bottom Line: yes, please.

YSL Long-Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencils ($25 each) are available at the counters, Sephora and from


  1. I LOVE these! I even have blue. They are so creamy going on - amazing they have so much staying power.

  2. The YSL pencils are the best I have ever used. They do NOT move! Perfect for this weather!


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