Monday, July 18, 2011

Burberry No. 10 Definition Liner Eye Brush

Burberry No. 10 Definition Liner Brush is the third and last of the new Burberry eye brushes (see reviews of No. 9 and No. 11). It's a pencil type brush, with a small pointy head made of squirrel hair and a sturdy handle of average length. It's the kind of eye brush many of us use daily for several tasks:  detail work, inner corner, lash line and smoking out the lower lashes. As long as these brushes are of the right size, shape and are packed densely with very soft hair, we're on to a beautiful relationship.

Burberry No. 10 brush is exactly that. It's obviously well-crafted and designed for heavy duty use. While I prefer the little Hakuhodo B533BkSL or other smoky eye brushes to go under the lower lashes, Burberry #10 has been my go-to tool for applying shimmer to the inner corner and blending it subtly towards the lid, a task that smaller brushes aren't as good at performing. My old NARS #14 Eye Contour brush has served me for years. It was designated for the same purpose but feels far less pleasant on the lids. At 80% goat hair and 20% pony hair it's just not as gentle (oddly enough, the Hakuhodo is 100% pony but might as well be unicorn, it's that good).

Bottom Line: out with the old (but the new is more than a little overpriced).

Burberry No. 10 Definition Liner Eye Brush ($32) is a Nordstrom exclusive, online and in store.

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